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bag_box_necklace_500x951Sasha’s State of Mind is a conceptual design house that produces quality brand jewelry focused on creating distinctive and holistic experience. Based on the the notion that jewelry provides a stage for self-expression, Sasha’s unique voice and philosophy are reflected in the brand’s every detail. From engraved fanciful sayings sure to make you smile, to packaging and  giveaways. Sasha’s imagination runs wild with whimsy and sophisticated thrills.

Each jewelry piece is held together brilliantly by an O-ring – a beautiful clasp that makes Sasha’s collection modular and lets customers take part in designing and continually recreating their own jewelry, selecting chains and charms to suit their mood as well as daydream-inspired collectible gift boxes, making Sasha’s a complete brand experience.

Sasha’s fantastic, quality collection that extends to fashion accessories, reminds us every day that life, after all, is all about our state of mind.

Our street-casual and sophisticated products are sold in various countries around the world. We invite you to visit our international website at to learn more.